With whom do you typically work? We work with many of the largest telecom spenders in the world, including many well-known Fortune 100 companies.


Why have telecommunications taxes and fees become such an overriding problem? Currently, there are over 300 tax types applied to more than 685 potentially different tax bases. Over 48,000 filings are due annually at the federal, state, county, city levels. What’s more, there are numerous telecom carrier billing platforms and constantly changing services, which makes it a challenge for the carriers to apply taxes and fees correctly. More and more, large companies are seeking advocates to help them navigate these complexities.


What are the high-risk areas when it comes to misapplied taxation? If your company locations in multiple states…if it has changed its telecommunication architecture…if it operates customer service “call centers”…if it has made a significant purchase of telecom services and equipment recently…then it is in a high-risk area.


What is the typical tax reduction for a company like mine? We typically reduce telecom taxes by two to four percent of your telecom expenditures. If your company spends $10,000,000 annually, you should expect your refunds and tax elimination savings to range from $200K – $400K in year one.


What happens if you are unable to save us money?  Either we produce a tangible result through tax savings or you pay us nothing. Our contingency fee comes directly from your savings.


Over 300 tax types are applied to more than 685 potentially different tax bases.


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